About RIT Infotech Solutions Chennai

Greetings from RIT Infotech Solutions. It is always a good practise to analyse about the institute before joining for any kind of training. In this page we have listed many frequently asked questions about RIT Infotech Solutions Chennai. Hope these answers will help you to understand more about rit infotech solutions chennai.

Frequently asked questions

1. RIT Infotech Solutions, is it a Software Training Institute?

RIT Infotech Solutions, is an IT Firm, where we develop softwares, websites, along with that we do avail IT Industrial Training. If you want to know more about RIT Infotech Solutions Chennai do call us at 9500100400.

2. RIT Infotech Solutions, Is it a Consultancy?

RIT Infotech Solutions, is a IT Industrial Training and Placements Company. We are not consultancy, but we do support plcaements for the students those who completed course from other institutes and waiting for job.

3. What is IT Industrial Training?

IT Industrial Training can equip you to learn the complete Software Development
Eg: If PHP
Software Training Institute teaches you PHP
IT Industrial Training company will refines with PHP, HTML5.0, CSS, JQuery, DOM, AJAX, XML, BootStrap, WordPress,… which requires to develop a International Project or a Site. RIT Infotech Solutions is an IT Industrial Training Company.

4. What is the duration for Industrial Training?

Generally the duration for IT Industrial Training would be around 4 – 6 Weeks only. Of course it may get extended based on the student requirements.

5. How many hours of training per day?

Normally the students will be scheduled for minimum 2 hours/day , Still the students can extends the classes for upto 6 hours based on the prior request.

6. When Interviews will be arranged from RIT Infotech Solutions?

Interviews will be arranged from 3rd Week itself. Subject to the course coverage and the payment completion.

7. How many interviews will be availed?

There is no limitation in number of Interviews, you can attend N. no of interviews with us.

8. I have poor communication could you place me?

Yes, of course, we can place students even if they struggle in communication, we have placed many of them with poor communication, but very strong technical skill set to develop projects and to lead teams

9. I have No Aptitude Skills, can I avail IT JOB?

Yes, For Sure, even most of clients will never conduct Aptitude rounds for our students. Even though Aptitude rounds are traditionally conducted to rate the Analytical skills. In most places it is used to filter the crowd to find the best candidate.

10. I have Arrears, can I get IT JOB?

Yes, even if you have arrears, you can still get an IT Career. But do not expect very big salaries, because most corporates looks your qualification & aggregate than your skillset. Min Rs 6000/- you can earn as a Software Developer. Sooner you clear your arrears, you can hit the Industry by demanding Big Salary.

11. I am a Diploma graduate, can I get IT JOB?

Yes, you can get an IT JOB in Chennai even with diploma. But you must have very strong technical skills to compete with engineering graduates.

12. Apart from the Class Room Training, Do i need to prepare more with web tutorials or EBooks?

No, With respect to your Fresher JOB. Just practise the concepts explained to you and accomplish the tasks assigned to you. and that is sufficient to get job. In case if you prefer to demand for the more salary, then go ahead and prepare to be master in the Technology through Web Tutorials…

13. I am working with BPO/Marketing for 2 years, after graduation, can i get placements?

Yes, RIT Infotech Solutions, Trained and Placed in IT JOB. For the Graduates from Non-IT Industry within 2 – 3 Months.

14. Is it 100% Placements?

Generally when students steps in to RIT Infotech Solutions, they always use to ask this question to know more about RIT Infotech Solutions chennai and its placement.

From this question itself its clear that they need someone’s help to get an IT JOB. But within a Month we make our students “Motivated & Self Confident” in their Employability skills. When we send them for 5 interviews, by that time they will attend 5 – 10 interviews by themselves.

We honestly say that “We never placed a Candidate”, We equip them so that they will get placements, where ever they steps in. We commit to care them until they get job by assisting with unlimited interviews.

15. I already completed Java Training in Chennai from an Institute, They have committed 100% JOB, but they havent even provided me interviews, How about your commitments?

May be your profile wouldn’t match for Java Openings.

There is a big difference in approaching an institute for Training:

a. I want to learn Java?

They will take you for Java and they will try to place you. but it is not so easy.

b. I want to start an IT Career?

They will suggest you the best course which suits your profile, which will be very easy for placements.

RIT Infotech Solutions, does the same.

We have rejected many enquiries with the specific requirement for Java or Dotnet or Python… mostly their profile wont matches the current job trend. so we explain them, still they are adament then we ask them look for other institutes. “one of a Engineering Graduate with very less marks opted for Java, we have explained him as Java is highly competitive, even a 12th student has it in his syllabus. if you opt it, you may not step into IT. But he spend 47000 and joined for Java in a Reputed Institute and now joined in mobile phone marketing division”.

So first choose which technology requirement, suits your profile and proceed in it. surely you will get good job in 20 – 30 days.

16. I have did Dotnet Training in Chennai from a reputed institute, they taught me some theory concepts through PPT. Even after Training, I’m not able to develop even a simple application, How about your Training?

Ours is IT Industrial Training, in this we will make you to develop projects and we wont show anything over PPT. Many of the students knows abstract classes, interfaces, collections… but they actually have no answer as where to use these concepts. So here you will implement every concepts in its own places and you will understand WHY? , WHAT? , WHERE? and HOW?

17. Will you place me in MNC’s?

Yes, If your profile meets the client eligibility criteria and if they have openings in that particular technology/domain. then surely we will send your profile to them, Rest is at Interview.

18. Could you provide me the list of companies where the interviews will be scheduled?

Yes, you can call to 9500100400 and claim for the current interview schedules. Our placements is not only for the students. Its open for all. Any skilled candidate can avail upto 5 Free interviews from RIT Infotech Solutions placement division.

19. I joined for Software Testing Training in chennai from a reputed Institute, while joining they informed to score 80% above in the test after training to become eligible for placements. Later the questions were very tough and most of us couldn’t clear it, so we were not availed placements. How about the Tests Here?

In RIT Infotech Solutions, we never conduct Tests. Because our students are JOB Seekers and most of them were very serious about their career.

20. If i get selected in a company, where I’m not satisfied, will you avail me more interviews?

Yes , you should be inform the company and quit properly so that we will send them an alternate and will avail you more Interviews.

21. I have No Idea in Programming, can I get IT JOB in 6 Weeks?

We train the students from very basics, even a Mechanical, Commerce student can understand it in 4 – 6 weeks.


22. If I’m not attending the classes or I’m not concentration in Training, could you still place me?

Yes, still we avail you the Interview opportunity, with the least priority.

23. I want to start a software company and wanted to develop websites and application. Will this training is sufficient for me?

Yes, as said after training you can work in a software company or you could be an self employed too. since it is not a Software Training. It is an IT Industrial Training.

24. Can i get placements in your company itself?

Yes, of course, but it is based on your performance and our requirements.

25. I am searching for Java Course in Chennai, Could you assure me placements in Java?

No, we cannot, Since Java is highly competitive we cannot assure you JOB even if you have 90% in academics. but we can assist you with interviews, if available.

26. I am ready to pay 1 – 2 Lakhs, Im not interested in Training. Could you directly place me in some MNC’s?

Sorry, we don’t entertain back-door entry.

Dear Readers,

If you have more questions to be clarify about RIT Infotech Solutions chennai. do not hesitate to dial us at 9500100400