PHP Course in Chennai

php course in chennai

PHP Course in Chennai

RIT Infotech Solutions is a premier IT solution providers. Also, offering PHP course in chennai. Firstly, We have designed the php course with the goal of placing every students. Mostly, the companies prefer graduates with knowledge in PHP and frameworks. As a result, we have created the booming and demanded syllabus. This PHP Syllabus contains almost everything that a fresher should know. RIT’s PHP Course comprises of 3 parts. They are Theoretical php course, practical php training and PHP Live projects. If you prefer to do PHP Course in Chennai for job placements. Then, undoubtedly RIT Infotech Solutions would be the best PHP Training center in Chennai.

However, We have analyzed the Industry and designed the php course. It includes advanced php concepts and add on skill sets. The additional skills like JQuery, ajax, jsdom too. We offer this complete php course at a very Less Fees. Most of our Students got placed in FIRST INTERVIEW itself. Even we have placed students with arrears in their Academics too. We have trained and Placed graduates from 2013 and 2014 pass outs too.

PHP Course Syllabus

PHP Course

  • Introduction to PHP.
  • Data Types and Variables.
  • Operators and Expressions.
  • Decision Making Statements.
  • Iterative Statements.
  • Creating and Accessing Strings.
  • Replacing Text within Strings.
  • Formating Strings.
  • Dealing with upper and lower case.
  • Creating and Accessing Arrays.
  • Get & Post Methods
  • Cookies & Session Tracking.
  • Declare Include and Require.
  • Opening and Closing Files.
  • Reading and Writing Files.
  • Copy, Rename and Delete Files.
  • Working with Directories.
  • Creating File Uploads.

Advanced PHP Course

  • Introduction to OOPS.
  • Classes and Objects.
  • Constructors and Destructors.
  • Inheritance.
  • Access Modifiers.
  • Polymorphism.
  • Interface and Abstract Class.
  • Static Methods and Properties.
  • Accessor Methods.
  • Using Magic Methods.
  • Error and Exception Handling.

MySQL Database Programming

  • Introduction to Relational Database.
  • Establishing Connection to MySQL.
  • Creating Database and Table.
  • Adding, Modifying and Removing Columns.
  • Store, Retrieve and Modify.
  • Using Where and like Clauses.
  • Implementing Wild card Chars.
  • Aggregate Functions.
  • Using Logical and Comparision Operators.
  • Using In, Between and Limit.
  • Using Delete, Drop and Truncate.
  • Implementing Triggers and Joins.

WordPress Framework

  • Introduction to Framework.
  • Introduction to WordPress.
  • Downloading and Installing.
  • WordPress Settings.
  • Category Management.
  • Post Management.
  • Media Management.
  • Menu Management.
  • Page Management.
  • Tags Management.
  • Theme Management.

HTML 5.0 Designing

  • Introduction to Web Technologies.
  • Introduction to HTML.
  • Elements and Attributes.
  • Headings and Headers.
  • Paragraph and Formating Tags.
  • Lists, Links, Images and Tables.
  • Rowspan and Colspan.
  • Fieldset and Legend.
  • Block and Inline Elements.
  • Interactive Elements.

CSS 3.0 Styling

  • Introduction to CSS.
  • Inline and Internal CSS.
  • External CSS.
  • Class Selector.
  • ID Selector.
  • Group Selector.
  • Mixed Selector.
  • Attribute Selector.
  • Psuedo Classes.
  • Border, Outline and Margin.

Javascript Programming

  • Static Vs Dynamic Pages.
  • Introduction to javascript.
  • Variables and Expressions.
  • Datatype Conversion.
  • Arithmetic and Comparision Ops.
  • Assignment and Logical Ops.
  • Conditional Statements.
  • Looping Statements.
  • Using Arrays.
  • Function return value.
  • Alert, Confirm and Prompt.
  • Javascript DOM.

JQuery Course

  • Introduction to JQuery.
  • JQuery ready function.
  • JQuery Selectors.
  • Nodes by TagName and ID.
  • Styling the Elements.
  • Using Group and Mixed Selectors.
  • Using Text(), HTML() and Val().
  • JQuery Event Handling.
  • Accessing the Attributes.
  • Using FadeIn and FadeOut.

Ajax Course

  • Introduction to AJAX.
  • Traditional Vs Asynchronous.
  • XMLHTTP Object.
  • Defining and Sending Request.
  • ReadyState Types.
  • Updating Response in Same page.
  • AJAX using PHP.
  • AJAX using PHP and MySQL.
  • AJAX using Text File.

There are many training centers offering php courses in chennai, But Our PHP course will refine the JOB seeker with the skills listed above. In addition, RIT offers php coaching with logical programming. Our PHP Course Syllabus is purely designed based on the current IT Industrial requirements. We are the right choice for the one who is looking for the best PHP Training center in Chennai. After this php course you can work as PHP Developer, WordPress Designer, UI Developer & more.